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The Personal Colour Short Course is a comprehensive programme designed for individuals who wish to discern the fundamentals to discover every individual’s unique colour palette to enhance their personal style. Participants will learn the significant colour theory and its application in personal styling. They will explore the three essential colour dimensions in colour theory and understand how they interact with different individuals’ complexion, hair and eye colour—ultimately leading to a more confident and harmonious appearance.


The participants will be guided to explore ways to colour coordinate in harmony to make an outstanding appearance for individuals using the tones and shades from the colour palette that complement their natural colouration. They will expand their horizon by using colours to mix and match and broaden their wardrobe coordination from the usual neutral tones. 


This course also covers the psychological and emotional aspects of colour, demonstrating how a specific hue can convey certain moods and create desired impressions to suit a person’s style goal. The participants will gain insights into the power of colours in various contexts, including professional settings and social events.



What is included in this two-day short course?​


  • Personal Colour Short Course training textbook

  • STYLE BASICS Colour Palettes book

  • STYLE BY OSH Personal Colour Analysis Tools (30 sheets of colour palette boards)

HSF00479 2.jpg

The trainer will guide students through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and demonstrations to illustrate the impact of colours on personal image. By the end of the short course, participants will have developed a comprehensive understanding to choose colours that accentuate the best attributes of an individual and make informed colour choices for their wardrobe, makeup and overall personal style.

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, a beauty professional, or someone seeking to enhance your personal style, this short course offers invaluable knowledge and practical skills to transform how you perceive and utilise colour in your daily life!

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