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Colour Palettes

A complete guide to finding colours that complement you

MYR 255 / USD 60

Are you having a hard time making colour choices?


Every individual has a set of colours that harmonies better than the others – and it is known as the Personal Colour Palette. Learn the fundamentals to understand your personal colouring so you can start wearing the correct shade and tone that suit you best!

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The promotion ends on 25 MARCH 2023.

P/S:  Book delivery starts 12 MARCH 2023.

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This book will take you through an exciting visual journey to rediscover the joy of colours you can craft from your wardrobe.

  • You will acquire the three fundamental colour characteristics of your natural colouring – temperature, intensity and value.

  • You will uncover the colour characteristics of the complete set of twelve seasonal colour palettes.

  • You will learn four techniques to achieve colour harmony using new colour combination variations.

  • You will grasp the power of colours by understanding the emotions each colour brings to influence a person’s mood.


So wait no more, and start expanding the variety of colours in your closet and fill your life with beautiful colours.

Product Details

Format                        Hardback | 152 pages

Dimensions                 203 mm x 203 mm x 15mm | 550g

Publication date          12 March 2023

Publisher                     OSH Image Consultancy 

Publication Country    Malaysia

Language                     English

ISBN                            978-967-25532-1-2


Product Description

The STYLE BASICS Colour Palette book showcases the complete set of twelve seasonal colour palettes! They are explained in the most direct and easy to understand manner – illustrations! It has 95 pages of images to help you understand the content.


In this 152-page guide, you will pick up a better picture of the colours that will appear harmonious with your personal colouring. Every seasonal palette has a detailed explanation of its colour characteristics. Moreover, it displays the colours with relatable illustrations, such as their neutrals, vibrant set of hues, and makeup colours for lip, blush and eyeshadow. 


That’s not all, because you will discover the guidelines for matching colours from the pieces in your wardrobe to achieve a variety of colour combinations. And you will find how colour impacts a person’s mood and the feeling it sets for those looking at it. So you can make better colour judgements to dress according to the occasion and atmosphere.

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How do you make colour choices?


Would you choose a colour you love or one that looks good on you?


The question is, how do you know if a colour complements you?


Fundamentally speaking, the colour that looks fabulous on you will share the same colour properties found in your skin, hair, and eyes. Want more of this?


STYLE BASICS Colour Palette will guide you in figuring out the colours that make you stand out.


Additional Information


Shipping for all purchases within Malaysia is Complimentary.

For international shipping, please email for shipping costs and other inquiries. You will be required to make an additional payment for shipping.



Please note that this product is strictly no refunds. You are advised to look at the preview and make sure that you really want to purchase a copy before placing an order.

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The making of this book…

The idea of making this book came from my desire to help you easily recognize and differentiate the colour that separates the twelve seasonal colour palettes. My ultimate goal is for my clients to surely grasp the idea of the shade and tone that define their personal colour palette.


This book is collectively the product of my experience of over five years conducting personal colour analysis for individuals. After launching my first book – STYLE BASICS for Every Woman, over a year ago, it is time to craft the next book on the personal colour concept in further detail.


It took months to assemble this book, from gathering its concept and laying my thoughts in writings to working with a terrific illustrator to get the beautiful images into it.


If you are new to colours, this book will share new insights and change the way you make colour choices. I hope it will open a broader spectrum of colour ideas and applications in style, for you.

Click the link below to view the other book by the author -- STYLE BASICS for Every Woman

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