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for Every Woman

A complete guide to better your appearance

MYR 235.00 / USD 55.00


Are you having a hard time making confident clothing choices?


Learn the basic rules of style that is fundamental to women's dressing so you can start discovering a style that speaks your character and lifestyle.

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This book talks about the basic rules of style that is the foundation of women’s dressing.

  • You will understand your body structure on a deeper level, where you will discover what you need to work on to perfect your appearance. 

  • You will discover your colour palette that enhances your natural beauty and apply it confidently in choosing the colour of your cosmetics, jewellery and clothes.

  • You will learn to associate your character with the clothes and accessories you choose to wear, which reflect your true personality.

  • You will acquire the fundamentals of business dressing, which will give you a good foundation before incorporating personal style into your workwear.

  • You will master the techniques of dressing for special occasions, which enable you to dress right for every occasion, paving your way to becoming a stylish woman with grace and elegance.

Product Details

Format                          Hardback | 218 pages

Dimensions                  203 mm x 203 mm x 19mm | 650g

Publication date           01 October 2021

Publisher                      OSH Image Consultancy 

Publication Country     Malaysia

Language                     English

ISBN                            978-967-25532-0-5 

Product Description

The Style Basics for Every Woman is a complete guide to build your ideal look that suits you and that works for your lifestyle.


In this 218-page guide, you will pick up a better picture of clothes the flatter you from an aesthetic perspective – meaning you will save tons of money from unsatisfying future purchases.


You will build a flattering wardrobe for the office that gain recognition in your line of work. And finally, you will equip with the confidence to dress appropriately for every occasion coming your way.


The book comes with 73 pages of fashion illustrations to help you understand the content.


How do you make clothing decisions?


A beautiful piece of clothing may not necessarily end up looking good on you. It is how do you put your outfit together that counts. 


The most important criteria in deciding are the cutting that complements your body structure, the colour that harmonises with your features to enhance your natural beauty, and the style that aligns with your character.


Style Basics for Every Woman will guide you in figuring out the garments that truly suit you and works for your lifestyle.


Additional Information


Shipping for all purchases within Malaysia is Complimentary.

For international shipping, please email for shipping costs and other inquiries. You will be required to make an additional payment for shipping.



Please note that this product is strictly no refunds. You are advised to look at the preview and make sure that you really want to purchase a copy before placing an order.

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The making of this book…


It took twelve months to put this book together, from gathering the book's concept, laying my thoughts to writings, to working with the terrific illustrator to get the beautiful images into the book.


My work is done, now it's your turn.


Building a new look requires effort, time and a good guide. Imagine when you develop a personal style of your dream, instead of following fashion trends, you build a wardrobe purely based on your style and needs. And you create a solid individual style that exudes charisma. 


If you are new to fashion, I assure you this book will completely change the way you look at clothes, ever again.

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