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Man in the Mirror

Woken up this morning feeling great and energised! Hence I had decided to go for an unplanned blog shoot, with an unplanned outfit. I ended up with a gym pants theme -- a look which I do quite often these days. A look that was inspired by a dear friend whom I had met in London (Hi Nathalie -- if you are reading this ^,^ miss you!). Pairing gym pants with some other dressy pieces could make a cool weekend outfit. I hope you like this outfit that I had put up this morning!

The key piece of today's outfit was this beautiful velvety lace long cardigan with a touch of gypsy feel to it.

Charcoal black clutch in gold details and black sneakers.

Not to forget the fringe that had added mysterious mood to this outfit.

Adding more gold details with the gold dangling earrings.

Long Cardigan: MNG

Singlet: ZARA

Gym Pants: Nike

Sneakers : New Balance

Accessories: Stylist's own

Thank you for reading.


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