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My Way

In conjunction with my bestie's birthday brunch this morning, I thought let's get dress up to celebrate and do a simple blogshoot at the same time! I went for a really simple outfit, hmm a plain white-t and a pair of jeans! Please follow me to see how I turned a simple outfit to something a little more interesting! It is how you 'dress/style' that makes something simple great!

Instead of tugging in my loose white-t into my high-waisted jeans , I tied a knot at the hem of it.

And then, I accessorised! Giving myself a gold and silver combination of accessories to polish up my outfit!

Not to forget a pair of striking loafers to complete the look. And I went with a slouchy bag.

Ta-da! My version of "simple but interesting' :)

And the cupcake was yum! ^,^

Plain White Tee: Polo Ralph Lauren.

Torn Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Accessories: Stylist's own

p/s: Thank you Jaime for the photos! May you have a blessed year, happy birthday!

Thank you for reading.


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